Winkhaus Door Gearbox

Winkhaus Door Gearbox
Winkhaus gearbox and centre cases are produced in Germany and are known for exceptional quality and reliability. They are available in 35, 45 and 55mm back sets, with an 8mm spindle locator and are produced with a split spindle function enabling the consumer to either use a single fixed spindle for a lever - lever operation, or a split spindle for independent functionality. The cases bellow all have the status of latch and deadbolt. Should you require a latch and hook bolt or a key wind functioning gearbox, then please note that these are only available as part of a complete Winkhaus multipoint locking system that you can find in our full units category. Winkhaus offer only these three variants as gearboxes alone.
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How to replace the gearbox on a Winkhaus multipoint lock?

To replace the gearbox centre case on a Winkhaus multipoint lock you will need to remove the single screw from the face plate that can be found between the latch and dead bolt. Once the screw is removed, proceed to lay the multipoint lock on its side and tap out the two rivets with a punch, however; be extremely cautious of the two small fixing brackets - if these are snapped they cannot be repaired or replaced. Once the replacement gearbox is fitted, you then need to reinsert the original rivets and replace the screw you first removed.