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Multipoint Door Centre Case Lock

Here at Multipoint lock shop, we are the premium suppliers of Multipoint Lock Gearboxes and Centre Cases on the internet, with the widest choice of sizes and manufacturer types available with next day delivery in mainland UK.

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How To Measure A Multipoint Lock Centre Case?

The identification process has been made as customer friendly as possible, so if you are unsure of the manufacturer then you may be able to spot a familiar image that matches the multipoint lock case you require.

Always try and find a manufacturers marking, brand or name on the face plate and then measure your back set in millimetres. To take this measurement, you will need to measure from the front edge of the case back to the centre of the spindle locator - that is your backset Mesurment.It is most likely that you will now have a measurement of either 35mm or 45mm, although it could be 20, 25, 38, 50 or 55 - so be sure to measure as accurately as possible as this is the most important step. The next measurement will be the centres of the multipoint lock centre case or sometimes known as ‘PZ’ , measure again in millimetres but this time from the centre of the spindle locator (if two spindle locators are present always measure the top one first) and downwards to the middle of the larger area that accommodates the euro cylinder lock.

The final step in the process of finding a like for like replacement is to identify the latch and central locking point - this will either be latch and dead bolt or latch and hook. If latch and hook then be sure to take note of whether the hook travels up or down when in the locking position.

Should customers have any issues identifying any replacement parts on the website, just send us a picture using the contact details at the top of the home page. Some multipoint lock cases and gearboxes are now obsolete and no longer produced, so we would be happy to suggest the best alternative replacement should that situation arise.

Alternatively, you can use our uPVC selector tool for a fast and accurate identification.