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Multipoint Lock Full Unit Mechanism

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Multipoint Door Lock Mechanism

We stock every full multipoint locking unit available for uPVC, Composite and Aluminium doors. Should the mechanism you require not be listed then its possibly obsolete, by contacting us via phone or email we can recommend a “closest match” replacement.

How To Measure A Door Lock Mechanism?

To start identifying what multipoint locking unit you require, you should start by looking towards the centre of the faceplate for the manufactures markings, names and numbers.

Once you have identified the manufacturer of the lock you then need to determine the back set of the centre case.The centre case is the largest part of the mechanism that the handle and euro cylinder lock passes through and finding out what the backset is, is easy. Simply measure from the front side of the lock case (faceplate) to the middle of the spindle locator - in most cases you should have a measurement of either 35mm or 45mm, although others do exist.

Upvc doors more commonly have a back set of 35mm while composite doors more commonly have a backset of 45mm.

The next step is finding out what ‘the centres’ are. This is the measurement from the centre of the spindle locator to the middle, where the plug in a euro cylinder will be accommodated within the gear box. If there are two spindle locators then do not panic - measure the top one first and the second one lower down after. For single spindle versions you will most commonly get a measurement of 92mm, for double spindle versions you may get a measurement of 92mm and 62mm, but again these measurements can vary.

Then identify if the centre case is a latch and bolt or latch and hook.

So now we know the manufacturer, back set and the centres of our multipoint lock, whether it’s latch and hook or latch and dead bolt status. It is now time to identify the locking points running the length of the strip.

These will either be dead bolts, anti lift bolts or hooks and anti lift bolts combined, rollers, mushrooms, v cams or a combination of rollers and mushrooms.

Once you know what locking functions run the length of the strip, then you need to measure from the middle of the top locking housing to the middle of the bottom locking housing in millimetres. You should now have correctly identified what multipoint locking mechanism you need for a perfect replacement.

Always remember to measure the width of the faceplate - most Upvc and composite doors have a 16mm faceplate and timber doors have a 20mm faceplate, but always check as this can vary.

If you would prefer a fast and easy identification of your multipoint lock, then please use the multipoint lock selector.