Kenrick Window Gearbox

Kenrick Window Gearbox
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Kenrick Centurion Window Gearbox Shootbolt 22mm

A robust non-handed die-cast gearbox to suit the Kenrick Centurion shootbolt widow locking system...

£6.05 Ex Tax: £5.04

Kenrick Excalibur Window Gearbox Shootbolt 20mm

This is the centre case to suit the Excalibur dual claw shootbolt. It is one of the most effective ..

£20.26 Ex Tax: £16.88

Kenrick Sentrilock Slimline Window Gearbox Hook 18mm

The Sentrilock shootbolt has proved effective in millions of windows across nearly 20 years of use. ..

£19.91 Ex Tax: £16.59